Sewing Machine Project

Your donation today can help us root out cyclical poverty.

This project aims to entitle deserving women and their families to escape the ruthless cycle of poverty and helplessness. It maintains the self-respect of the recipients and enables them to become financially independent and secure rather than always being dependent on others. It initiates the spark of hard work in the recipients, and provides them an opportunity to help in supporting their households.
The sewing machine project offers sewing classes and machines to those whose lives may be enhanced by this new tool offering them a creative means to move forward and in order to make this dream come true, Adam Dawood Foundation began a sewing learning centre in 2020.
Training center is well equipped with water and all the sanitization measures. Plans are afoot to turn the training into employment by making masks, night dresses, sewing school dresses and making ready-made dresses.
The learning center supported ten deserving woman and It is thoroughly verified that the recipients are genuinely in need, know the art of sewing and show the willingness and drive to earn through sewing.
Adam Dawood supports around five women in impoverished communities by creating economic stability using creativity and the traditional craft of stitching every following year.